Impact Assessment Report

The aim of the “Impact assessment Report” is to analyze and discuss the sustainability of the project’s results by providing evidence on the impact of the Theater-based methods in raising awareness as well as facing the gender-based violence phenomenon with high school students.

This report is addressed to policy makers, education stakeholders, headteachers, educational professionals etc. It is a very important output for the sustainability of the project’s results since it provides evidence on the impact of the method, thus will contribute to its upscaling.

In this report the training course structures and contents are analyzed and described. Also, the methodology used to collect the data is discussed and outlined. Then, the data collected is grouped, analyzed, and discussed. In the final part of the report, some conclusions are outlined and discussed based on the data analyses.

The data in this report can be used by other organizations, teachers, and schools in order to have a concrete basis to set up specific education programmes including theater as a way to raise awareness on GBV and to mitigate its detrimental effects in a school environment.

You can download the report here