Who is benefiting

Secondary School Students: The final beneficiary group that the project is focusing on is adolescents that are attending secondary school (ISCED levels 2 & 3). This target group has been selected because, young people of this age are still in the process of developing their attitudes, behaviours and beliefs about relationships, gender and power. The school setting has been selected because school is the only place that allows simultaneous access to all the target groups that the project aims to instil a behavioural change (perpetrators, victims, bystanders, general population). Students come to school without having a “label” and this makes it easier to identify and work on behaviours.

Secondary school teachers: In order to achieve the expected results, the project is targeting directly secondary school teachers. Teachers are one very important point of reference for young people at this stage and they are in the position to influence behaviours since they know better their students and they are in constant contact with them. However, usually they lack the skills both in order to organise such workshops and to effectively respond to behaviours or circumstances that may come out of them.